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Onerium's Hub System is an introductory level to Hunter's Moon. Here, the player can choose to continue the Mod's story campaign, play the Dungeon maps, or go to standard Doom 2 maps, allowing other wads to be loaded together with it without the need of restarting the game engine.


The level has a vast garden with native fauna of the planet with minor rock spots spread across its stone valley. The entire original construction block of The Temple Of The Portals is visible in this in level.


There are three Spectral Channeling Towers, a Powersource Core, as well two Perimeter Towers and two Energy Inhibitors.

This level does not contain any action gameplay, besides some scenery to view.


This level is completely safe. It does not feature any combat, nor does it have any hazardous triggers or sources of environmental damage.


  1. This level existed since the first versions of the Map Pack, but it was only accessible through the console, as it was not functional prior to the Version 0.4.