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A double-headed, three-armed demon, the Maggot is one of the common enemies in Hunter's Doom.

Tactics and Behavior[]

The Maggot is strictly a melee monster, always seeking to close the distance and smack you with his many arms. When moving, they tend to crawl on the ground, but sometimes rise up for a moment. His movement speed is about average: faster than the Imp, but slower than other dedicated melee monsters like the Pinky.

Despite his menancing apperance and having more health than the Imp or Vulgar, the Maggot is probably the least threatening enemy in Hunter's Moon. They are somewhat fragile, cannot even endanger you at distance due to being deprived of ranged attack (which makes the likes of zombies and Imps worthy of your attention at some times), and are not particulary fast either like Pinkies or Lost Souls. With a bit of skill, you will not even need to waste any ammo on them, cutting them down with your Gauntlet instead. If you want to play it safe, all you will need is a single Shotgun blast or a short HMG volley. Even Rockets are overkill.

Vehicle Tactics[]

The Maggot is pretty much powerless against your vehicles. Chances are you will not even notice when you splatter him under your treads/legs.


The worst of the worst of all the demons of all the allied realms. These mediocre creatures from the Third Realm could be killed by a barehanded Strogg with some effort, and it shows. They are being sent in battle only so that the Third Realm may be rid of them.