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Baerhon's Lair - Part 1 is a legacy map which existed in the Map Pack from the initial release up to Version 0.3. Veltanir debuted as major boss in this level.


This level is extremely spacious, allowing the player to travel through long and large corridors and garden fields.

Its overall architecture is still very Doom-like and thus does not contain much verticality as the player progress through the level, the majority of the level stays and a fairly same height variance besides some specific rooms.

The level shows that the local planetary system is binary as its current day time appears to be late morning with two suns appearing in the sky. The indoors of the level is very well lit for the most part.


This level does not feature any of the newer mechanics introduced by the Version 0.4 of the Map Pack.

Enemy presence throughout the entire level is regular in exception of the trial rooms where the player needs to pass them with jumping skills rather than just killing demons.


  1. The lava that raises in the Lava Chamber is instant kill.
  2. The bottomless pit in the Jumping Platforms Room is also instant kill.


  1. This level is the original level that Veltanir first appeared.
  2. Certain rooms of this level were reused or served as base of inspiration in the redesigned level, Glimpse of Dimensions.
  3. The Lava Chamber earned certain fame among newcomer players for being too sudden and hard to understand what to do.
  4. This level had some changes made from its release version and Version 0.3, mostly the Great Corridor in the release version used a force field to block everything, allowing the player to see the Gardens Outside even without completing the combat. In Version 0.3 this was changed to black walls and only the extremities of each part lowers after the player finishing the combat. This change was made for performance reasons during that age.